CDContemporary Music Composers of Spain and Latin America

Mientras tanto

Carlos Bermejo

Yukiko Sugawara, Esteban Algora, Trio Accanto

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The BBVA Foundation presents the collection ‘Compositores españoles y latinoamericanos de música actual, an ambitious music publishing project promoted by the Foundation BBVA and released on record label Verso, whose aim is to showcase the most ground-breaking compositional output of Spanish and Latin American authors.

The three works making up this compact disc, all of generous length, close to or more than twenty minutes, were composed very recently by Carlos Bermejo and over quite a short period of time (2004-2007).

This music suggests a young composer of great talent, showing a serious and sure maturity clearly at the forefront, and yet also revealing some of the European piano tradition beginning with Beethoven and leading directly to Chopin and Schumann. However, Bermejo is above all a master of detail, of extreme subtlety at the service of musical creation and where the minimum, the microscopic, develops generally to adorn the singular aesthetic and artistic qualities fully grasped in their refinement by Yukiko Sugawara, Esteban Algora and the members of the Accanto Trio, and transformed for the listener into performances of great technical quality.

Performances by:
Yukiko Sugawara (piano), Esteban Algora (accordion) y Trio Accanto (alto sax, percussion and piano).


CD Audio:
1. Koe (19:36)
2. La oscura violencia del sol (14:25)
3. Mientras tanto: I (04:47)
5. 4. Mientras tanto: II (04:25)
6. Mientras tanto: III (04:22)
7. Mientras tanto: IV (02:28)
8. Mientras tanto: V (06:24)

Total time: 56:42