Music for The Guggenheim Museum

Gabriel Erkoreka

Ensemble Kuraia, Andrea Cazzaniga

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‘Hamar’ (‘ten’ in the Basque language) is a work composed for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao to mark the tenth anniversary of its inauguration. Composer Gabriel Erkoreka conceived the piece to be performed during visiting hours throughout the museum space: a music installation for a chamber ensemble of piccolo, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombones, percussion, violin and cello.

The piece unfolds in several rooms simultaneously, with the instruments sometimes finding each other then separating again, so each visitor has a different experience of the music. Erkoreka’s intention was to emphasize the relationship between music and the other arts: his composition is full of movement, as is Frank Gehry’s architecture, and uses different textures and ‘materials’ during its tour of the space, creating a dialogue between artworks and music which shapes the visitor’s experience of the museum, adding a new dimension, while reflecting the artistic diversity of the Guggenheim itself.

Performed by:  Ensemble Kuraia

Director: Ángel Luis Ramírez

Music producer: James Whitbourn

Executive producer: Ángela Álvarez Rilla

DVD Contents:

Hamar (34:00)
Izaro (11:51)
Biribilketa (6:19)
Interviews (22:04)
List of artworks appearing in Hamar  (2:25)