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Cuentos de Andersen

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Although he comes from Andalusian stock and was born in Aragon, Jesús Torres (Zaragoza, 1965) completed his compostion studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música of Madrid under the tutelage of José Torres and Adelino Barrio. He studied composition with the late Francisco Guerrero. With a catalogue that at present includes nearly eighty works, Torres has dedicated a good deal of effort to the setting of texts, especially those of Vicente Aleixandre, San Juan de la Cruz and Rubén Darío, with whose poetry he feels an especially close bond.

The two works included on this recording, ‘Double‘ (2004), premiered in Dublin the 3rd of April 2005 and ‘Cuentos de Andersen, premiered the 7th of May 2006 in the Fernando de Rojas Hall of the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid, are a result of his constant creative and intellectual restlessness in dealing with sung texts as a means of transmitting emotions and pure sentiments. Here he relies on an apparently simple instrumental combination made up of violin, cello, flute, clarinet and piano, to which he adds an accordion. With the help of such renowned interpreters as Iñaki Alberdi, Torres has brought this last instrument out of its traditional popular realm into the fathomless world of high artistic culture.

Performances by:
Iñaki Alberdi (acordeón)
Pedro María Sánchez (recitador)
Trío Arbós
Juan Carlos Garvayo (piano)
Miguel Borrego (violin)
José Miguel Gómez (cello)
Ensemble Residencias
Carlos Gálvez (clarinet)
Miguel Angel Angulo (flute)
Rafael Gálvez (percussion)

CD Audio:
1. La Abuela (8:11)
2. El Ángel (8:58)
3. La Pequeña Cerillera (8:59)
4. El Traje Nuevo del Emperador (12:07)
5. Double (19:25)

Total time: 57:55