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Retrato de un homenaje

Joan Guinjoan

Dúo de pianos Puente-Narejos, Neopercusión, Iñaki Alberdi

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With the evocative title ‘Portrait of a homage, this CD seeks to render just recognition to a figure who is unquestionably one of contemporary music’s relevant composers, Joan Guinjoan from Tarragona, whose extensive catalogue from his lifelong creative career takes in the twentieth century’s most avant-garde styles, technical focuses and aesthetic positions.

As usual with this type of recording, the programme spans a long chronological and also artistic space over four decades, revealing the creative development of this “mestre”, from the ‘Five Studies for two pianos and percussion (1968), a wide-ranging, complex work which, according to the composer, represents to him “complete liberation from any dogmatic prejudice”, to ‘Sounds of the Earth (2007) for accordion, the beloved instrument which was Guinjoan’s first musical contact during his childhood, a score premiered in 2008 to critical and public success.

Performances by:
Dúo de pianos Puente-Narejos
Isabel Puente
Antonio Narejos

Juanjo Guillem
Rafa Gálvez
Iñaki Alberdi, accordion


CD Audio:
01. Tensión-Relax (1972) (12:26)
02. Variaciones sobre el tema Cuncti Simus Concanentes (1969) (10:08)
03. Sonidos de la tierra (2007) (10:29)
04. Prisma (1979) (04:15)
05-09. Cinco estudios (1968) (15:38)
10-12. Flamenco (1994) (19:19)

Total time: 72:56