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Los niños han gritado

Trío Arbós, Neopercusión

Ensemble Residencias

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The focus of this magnificent disc turns upon ‘Los niños han gritado’, an excellent score written by Jorge Fernández Guerra (Madrid, 1952) and using the text of Vicente Aleixandre’s moving poem ‘Oda a los niños de Madrid muertos por la metralla’. Premiered in June 2011 at the Galileo Cultural Centre in Madrid by the Ensemble Residencias, also heard in this Verso recording, the work is divided into ten fragments providing a dramatic and emotive chant evoking times past in which the composer joins, blends and returns with understanding to previous materials which, in his own words “had not fitted into other projects”. Together with this heartrending score, the disc includes three other recent works by Fernández Guerra (Workin´ ‘Problems, Oceánicas and Interstellar Sound’) surely providing one of the most attractive and well-rounded programmes from the present national musical panorama.

Performances by:
Trío Arbós
Francesca Calero, soprano
Pedro Adarraga, baritone
Juana Guillem, flute
Eduardo Raimundo, clarinet
Sergio Sáez, viola


CD Audio:
01. Workin’ Problems (2005) (07:06)
02-04. Oceánicas (1998-2003) (08:42)
05. Interstellar Sound (2011) (06:12)
06-20. Los niños han gritado (2009-2010) (30:58)

Total time: 53:28