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Piano Trios

Luis de Pablo

Trío Arbós, Alda Caiello

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The living symbol of a whole generation of composers, Luis de Pablo (Bilbao, 1930) has played a vital role in the development and dissemination of contemporary music in Spain.

After a musical education in part self-taught under the guidance of tutors like Maurice Ohana and Max Deutsch, he completed his law degree in 1952 then immediately submerged himself in an intense round of intellectual and musical activity as translator, lecturer and teacher. A few years later he was among the founders of Grupo Nueva Música (1957), the “Tiempo y Música” cycle (1958) and the legendary “Alea” (1965), Spain’s first electronic music laboratory, responsible for bringing composers like Webern, Kagel, Varèse, Ives, Stravinsky, Messiaen and Boulez or Spaniards Tamayo, Marco and Polonio, to the attention of the Madrid public.

Luis de Pablo’s catalogue embraces a rich variety of genres, forms and styles, with chamber music perhaps the most amply represented. The piano trios featured on this record, as performed by Trio Arbós, make an excellent showcase of his chamber music output over the last two decades; from the tribute, Federico Mompou In Memoriam, a work of exquisite formal beauty written on the composer’s death in 1987, to ‘Segundo Trío (2006), a commission for the Arbós ensemble from Fundación El Monte, by way of the recent ‘Trío de Doses (2008) based on texts by the Salamanca poet José Miguel Ullán.

Performances by:
Trío Arbós
Alda Caiello (soprano)

CD Audio:
1. Trío (18:50)
2. Federico Mompou “In Memoriam” (3:24)
3. Trío de Doses (7:28)
4. Segundo Trío (25:08)

Total time: 54:50