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Notwithstanding his youth, Miguel Pons (Madrid, 1975) has amassed the very greatest artistic, musical and intellectual grounding. Trained at the Royal Senior Conservatory of Music in Madrid, winning top grades, with a degree in Art History from the Autonomous University in the Spanish capital, and with various Prizes of Honour in his extensive curriculum Pons has, in the last decade, followed a dazzling career ranging from the organisation of major musical events (Madrid Contemporary Music Festival and the Film Music and Sound Workshops for the Autor Foundation), to conducting and playing the most avant-garde repertoire and, naturally, composition, combining concert music with creation and production for television and advertising.

This CD contains three imposing recent works from his already impressive musical catalogue. All composed between 2010 and 2013, perhaps that giving the album its title, Poems in Prose, Cantata for chorus, soloists and orchestra on a text of Oscar Wilde, stands out, written in 2012, his first large vocal work, magnificent in its conceptual terms. The compact disc’s excellence is crowned by the brilliance of the Madrid Community Orchestra and Chorus and, once more, the expert conducting of José Ramón Encinar.

Performances by:
Orquesta y Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid
Juan Carlos Garvayo, piano
Magdalena Llamas, mezzo-soprano
Juan Antonio Sanabria, tenor
Alfredo García, baritone
Miguel Espejo, clarinet
Pedro Teixeira, Chorus conductor
José Ramón Encinar, conductor


CD Audio:
01-03. Concierto para piano y orquesta (2010) (23:03)
[01] Movimiento I (06:36)
[02] Movimiento II (09:27)
[03] Movimiento III (07:00)
04-07. Poems in prose. Cantata for chorus, soloists and orchestra on a text of Oscar Wilde (2012) (35:06)

Part One
[04] The Artist (04:05)
[05] The Doer of Good (11:18)

Part Two
[06] The Disciple (04:42)
[07] The House of Judgment (14:57)
08. Scherzo para clarinete y orquesta (2013) (04:45)

Total time: 63’13”