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Sinistra est dextra

Miguel Trillo-Figueroa

Göteborg Wind Orchestra, KMH Symfoniorkester, L'Arsenale Ensemble, Sonanza, NeWMas Ensemble

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With an impressive and cosmopolitan musical training in his native Sweden, and consolidated artistic grounding of international relevance, Miguel Trillo-Figueroa is  unquestionably among the most significant composers of the last decade. Influenced  from the very outset of his career by the creative thinking of Iannis Xenakis, Trillo-Figueroa conceives music, in Tomás Marco’s words, “as a formal exercise with architectonic and mathematic bases, yet also as a game in the noblest sense of the word”. Particularly interested in structures, the result of his father’s profession, like Xenakis an architect, Trillo-Figueroa’s work is offered as a splendid example of absolute inspiration where the initial stylistic influences and affinities are translated into an artistic language which is his own, pure, absolutely renewing and brilliant.

There are nine works in all on this compact disc, all recently composed and, as made clear in the introductory notes, distributed in an order according to more purely musical than chronological criteria. It would be difficult to highlight some above others, all of them equally bearing witness to the composer’s artistic excellence, although perhaps Spectra, which opens the recording, composed in 2006, the only work in the programme for large orchestra is, given its scale and careful writing, an excellent compendium of Miguel Trillo-Figueroa’s virtues and achievements.

Portrayed by:

KMH Symfoniorkester (1)
Shi Yeon Sung, conductor

NeWMas Ensemble (2,3,4,8,9)
Magdalena Llamas, mezzo-soprano (9)
Henri Alexandre Schnieper, conductor

L’Arsenale Ensemble (5)
Jeffrey Means, conductor

Göteborg Wind Orchestra (6)
B. Tommy Andersson, conductor

Sonanza (7)
Jan Risberg, conductor


CD Audio
01. Spectra (2006) (06:45)
02. Unrevealed Cube 4×4 (2010) (09:43)
03. Wrapped In Mystery (1999) (06:16)
04. T-Trix (2010) (06:19)
05. Evil I Did Dwell, Lewd Did I Live (2012) (09:54)
06. Escher Without Wings (2003) (09:09)
07. Shaded Figures (2001) (05:46)
08. Solitude (2009) (05:09)
09. Light And Shadows (2006) (04:52)

Total time: 64:33