6 quintetos (integral)

Padre Soler

Rosa Torres-Pardo, Cuarteto Bretón

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Antoni Soler (Olot, 1729 – San Lorenzo de El Escorial, 1783) is one of the most relevant musical figures of the 18th century. Soler’s quintets show a clear affinity with the most modern aesthetic currents of his time and he was a veritable master, like Haydn and Mozart, with both of whom he evidently had a number of points in common.

Performances by:
Rosa Torres-Pardo, piano
Cuarteto Bretón
Mauro Rossi, first violin
Antonio Cárdenas, second violin
Iván Martín, viola
John Stokes, violoncello


CD Audio 1:
01-05. Quinteto n.º 1 en do mayor (19:54)
06-08. Quinteto n.º 2 en fa mayor (19:35)
09-13. Quinteto n.º 3 en sol mayor (22:24)

Total time: 62:24

CD Audio 2:
01-04. Quinteto n.º 4 en la menor (24:22)
05-08. Quinteto n.º 5 en re mayor (22:54)
09-11. Quinteto n.º 6 en sol menor (22:42)

Total time: 70:14