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Santiago Lanchares

NeWMas Ensemble, José Luis Temes

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On the occasion of the sixtieth birthday of Santiago Lanchares (Piña de Campos, Palencia, 1952) the Madrid label Verso has dedicated a second compact disc to him (the first, VRS 2028, featured his piano music) intended not just as a well-deserved tribute, but also a monographic of the first creative phase of this composer, one of Spain’s most consolidated in the panorama of what is known as contemporary music.

With a wide-ranging, cosmopolitan musical training, which saw him in his early years performing as bass player in light music groups, but also as a student at Madrid Conservatory under Carmelo Bernaola, Francisco Calés and fundamentally Luis de Pablo, Lanchares has in the last three decades built up one of this country’s most notable artistic legacies. From ‘Krono‘ for instrumental ensemble (1986), the oldest work in this monographic (although the first composition in his catalogue, Aulos, dates from 1985), to ‘Constelación IV (1996), the most recent, Santiago Lanchares reveals a wide range of intellectual-musical concerns, magnificently assembled and interpreted by the ever-precise baton of José Luis Temes, no doubt one of the major advocates for this country’s vast musical heritage.

Performances by:
NeWMas Ensemble
Magdalena Llamas, mezzo-soprano
José Luis Montero, tenor
David Apellániz, violocello
Iván García, clarinet

José Luis Temes


CD Audio:
01. Constelación IV. Sombra de luna (1996) (02:52)
02. Krono (1986) (13:18)
03. Cerámica con figuras (1988) (10:12)
04. Recordando a Ma Yuan (1990) (10:15)
05. Vav (1989) (12:17)
06-08. Ritos y fiestas (1992) (11:44)
[06] I. Pavana (04:25)
[07] II. Circus cumbia (04:25)
[08] III. Pasodoble (02:54)

Total time: 60:52