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Tomás Garrido

David Martínez, Julián Elvira, Camerata del Prado, Tomás Garrido

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Born in the region of La Rioja, Tomás Garrido, who has a solid cosmopolitan education, is one of the most iconoclastic creators on the Spanish artistic scene today. As a youngster, his first musical experiences were in the realm of pop-rock. At 17 he discovered Classical music and thus began his exceptional professional activity. This led him to study in depth many different instruments within diverse settings, develop an intense musicological interest and, above all, forge a solid trajectory as composer – or better said, as Musician. For Garrido this term defines the essence of his extensive creative career.

The works on this CD provide an ample perspective, necessarily limited, of Garrido’s oeuvre, allowing us to also glimpse his trajectory and subsequent development as a Musician. The first of these works, ‘Caminus di palavras’, was written between 1991 and 1992 and is dedicated to his brother Pedro. In this work of indubitable quality the maestro impeccably translates distant memories and remembrances into sounds of a marked poetic inspiration. Also conceived for orchestra are the ‘Violin Concerto’ (1993-1994), a commission from the Caja Madrid Foundation, ‘Última diferencia’ (1999), a magnificent work written “nello stile antico” for flute and strings and dedicated to the great Witold Lutoslawski, and ‘Cartas ínfimas’ (2005), one of his more recent works whose title plays, somewhat amusingly perhaps, with that of Janáèek’s 2nd String Quartet ‘Intimate Letters’.

Performances by:
David Martínez (violín)
Julián Elvira (flauta)
Camerata del Prado

Tomás Garrido

CD Audio:
1. Caminus di Palavras (13:13)
2. Concierto para violín y orquesta de cuerda (22:36)
3. Última diferencia, Concierto “Nello stile antico” para flauta y cuerdas (14:19)
Cartas ínfimas
4. I. Sobre “Il Pensieroso” de Luis de Pablo (2:14)
5. II. Sobre el último acorde de “Zayin” de F. Guerrero (2:43)
6. III. Sobre Mí (4:57)
7. IV. Sobre Michael Pearson y Karen Martirossian (2:37)

Total time: 63:24