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Las sombras divinas

Eduardo Morales-Caso

B3: Brouwer Trio, Iliana Matos, Lorenzo Iosco, Adam Levin, Claudia Yepes, Davide Bandieri, Eduardo Morales-Caso, Duncan Gifford

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One of the features which may best define the career of Cuban-Spanish composer Eduardo Morales-Caso is his creative freedom; a cosmopolitan and heterogeneous liberty open to the most varied internal and external influences of cultural and human origin. Winner of prestigious musical awards, notably the First “José Asunción Flores” International Symphonic Music Composition Competition, Morales-Caso has, throughout his already long career, stood out as a master of the chamber repertoire, where he has produced many of his most brilliant scores. Some of these works form part of the program on this compact disc. Written between 2000 and 2009, they are notable for their maturity, especially evident in solo instrumental passages, and an intimate and evocative formal beauty whose style is akin to the Romantic language of Chopin and Debussy with echoes of the grandeur of Liszt at his most emotional and metaphysical.

Performances by:
Jenny Guerra (violin)
David Apellániz (violoncello)
Carlos Apellániz (piano)
Iliana Matos (guitar)
Adam Levin (guitar)
Lorenzo Iosco (bass clarinet)
Duncan Gifford (piano)
Claudia Yepes (soprano)
Eduardo Morales-Caso (piano)
Davide Bandieri (piccolo clarinet)

CD Audio:
1-3. La Zarina de la Montaña de Cobre (14:20)
4. El jardín de Lindaraja (06:06)
5. La fragua de Vulcano (06:11)
6. Evolving Spheres (07:02)
7-8. La Rosa Enferma (03:46)
9-12. El Saltamontes (03:01)
13. Tentative Wings (07:48)
14. Las Sombras Divinas (08:25)

Total time: 56:57