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Jardines de la noche

José Luis Greco

Mondriaan Quartet, Elena Gragera, mezzosoprano Magdalena Llamas, mezzosoprano

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José Luis Greco (New York, 1953) is one of the most interesting composers on today’s contemporary music scene. The son of Spanish dancers of Italian origin living in the United States, Greco spent his earliest years in a cosmopolitan and avant-garde artistic environment which was to prove decisive in his subsequent creative development. A jazz and rock musician, dancer and actor during his young years, at the end of the eighties José Luis Greco won his first professional successes as composer and conductor with Cloud Chamber, a Netherlands dance company based in Amsterdam and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Culture. It was in Amsterdam, in 1991, that he wrote ‘Trouble, a masterly string quartet clearly influenced by Schnittke and composed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its performers: the Mondriaan Quartet. The two works completing the program, ‘Mudas (2001) and ‘Celosías (2008), both for string quartet and mezzosoprano, have their roots set deep in Spanish soil, with texts by Lorca, Machado and Bécquer.

The two works completing the programme, ‘Mudas (2001) and ‘Celosías (2008), both for string quartet and mezzosoprano, are rooted most deeply and profoundly in Spanish soil in texts by Lorca, Machado and Bécquer.

Performances by:
Cuarteto Mondriaan
Jan Erik van Regteren Altena (violin)
Edwin Blankenstijn (violin)
Annette Bergam (viola)
Eduard van Regteran Altena (violoncello)
Elena Gragera (mezzosoprano)
Magdalena Llamas (mezzosoprano)


CD Audio:
1. Mudas (16:57)
2. Troubles (19:41)
3. Celosías (26:00)

Total time: 62:57