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Plainsound Glissando Modulation

Raga in just intonation for violin and double bass

Wolfgang von Schweinitz

Helge Slaatto, Frank Reinecke

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In January 2009, on the occasion of the American premiere of ‘Plainsound Glissando Modulation’, German magazine MusikTexte described von Schweinitz’s piece as “among the most thrilling works written by a composer of his generation”.

It is this composition by Wolfgang von Schweinitz (Hamburg, 1953), which some have labeled Neo-Romantic, that occupies the latest volume in the Fundación BBVA-NEOS Collection. Conceived as a raga – a structure in Indian music that traditionally underpins melodies of a mystic or religious nature, ‘Plainsound Glissando Modulation is the product of von Schweinitz’s painstaking exploration of the atonality learnt from masters like Ligeti. Or more specifically, the microtonal structures that centered his attention well into the 1990s.

From this starting point, he makes skillful use of intervals to create novel effects that surprise the listener. He has found his ideal performers in two virtuosos of the violin and double bass respectively, Helge Slaatto and Frank Reinecke, who successfully harmonize these most disparate of string instruments. The double bass turns its back on scalar conventions, employing modulated glissandos to obtain close-knit sounds that are the perfect support for the violin as it soars freely.

Performances by:
Helge Slaatto, violin; Frank Reinecke, double bass

Wolfgang von Schweinitz


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Total time: 70:29